Have You Ever Wondered How The 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs Came About?

Source:    Pexels

Source: Pexels

Legend has it that the Chinese Jade Emperor ordered for a race to take place and the first 12 to finish would be made calendar signs. So, the cat who was a good neighbour to the rat told the rat to wake him up as he usually has trouble getting up. However, on the race day, the rat was too excited and totally forgot to wake the cat. At the race, the rat met a lot of other animals that ran faster than him. In order to not fall behind, he made the straightforward ox carry him but had to agree to sing for the ox in return. The deal was struck as the ox was happy, thinking that he still retained his chances of being the first. Unfortunately for the ox, at the finishing line, the rat slid in front and became the lucky winner of the race. This explains why the rat is first in the zodiac cycle. Meanwhile, the cat arrived too late and the selection was over. This could possibly be the reason why cats hate rats. Or so we were told.