Grand Tourer: 24 Years Of Evolution

Straight Six, Rear Wheel Drive, and Astonishing Silhouette

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Toyota Supra has been one of the most recognised icons and the dream of many Japanese Domestic Market(JDM) fans around the globe, and this Grand Tourer has been true to its roots every time it showed us the new chapter of its evolution.

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The first two generations of Supra, A40 and A60, are actually derived from its brotherly model Celica and they are addressed as XX (double X) in Japanese domestic market since 1978 until 1986. These two generations were powered by a smooth inline 6-cylinder power unit rather than the 4 bangers on Celica, and both A40 and A60 received a wider and longer external.

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Third generation, A70, diverged from the Celica heritage in 1986, and it was then globally known as Supra. A70’s evolution was not just its matured and curvy exterior, but also a brand new engine: the straight six, forced induction, rear wheel drive. This was when the Grand Tourer really made its name.

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Source: Motor Trend


Born legend, fourth generation, A80, debuted in 1993. With its distinguishing slippery shaped exterior and optional performance parts, JDM fans all know it as “Supra rear wing”. A80 showed the world where it stood and it certainly took the soft spots of many automotive enthusiasts.

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Of course, its performance does not shy in comparison to its exterior. The almighty straight six 2JZ unit was equipped to the A80 which punches out a ridiculous amount of horsepower to the rear wheels, being turbo charged. It has even been said that many of the European competitor models struggled to keep up with the A80 Supra.

Although this iconic Gran Tourer’s production ended in 2002, it's legacy is still apparent in the streets. With all the fans around the globe, Supra has always been showcased in various motorsports and Hollywood blockbusters.

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Source: Supra Forums

2018 marks 40 years since Toyota first manufactured this iconic Grand Tourer and fans are still wondering if we will ever see the release of a new generation of Supra.

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Source: Toyota

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