Get Your Bubble Tea Fix AND Save The Environment With The Alley

Source:    The Alley

Source: The Alley

The sudden surge in demand for bubble teas in Malaysia have resulted in increased single-use plastic. And that doesn’t sit well with most people, especially during a time when many Malaysians are trying to adopt a plastic-free lifestyle. Thankfully, The Alley has encouraged consumers to bring along their reusable tumbler (either 500ml or 700ml) when ordering their favourite boba drink in an effort to combat the usage of single-use plastics. To top it all off, the popular bubble tea franchise are also selling their own reusable tumblers to encourage boba drinkers to hop on the green bandwagon! These insta-worthy tumblers are priced at RM89.90 each, and who purchase this merchandise are entitled to redeem one FREE milk tea! Additionally, customers will also get RM1 off your drink whenever you pop by any one of their outlets with this tumbler. So, kudos to The Alley for meeting the customers’ demand with an eco-friendly solution.

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