Chinese New Year Traditions You Might Not Know

Chinese New Year is one of the most important annual events in China and among the Chinese all over the globe. It involves certain traditions that are thousands of years old, some of which you might not know or has been abandoned due to the modernisation. So, here are some of the Chinese New Year traditions you might not know:

1.     Worshipping the Kitchen God

It is said that the Kitchen God would usually report each person’s good and bad deeds to the Jade Emperor of heaven, so people would burn incense and bribe the God with cakes, nuts and dried fruits in the kitchen. But nowadays, people would usually use an electric cooker so this tradition is not as common anymore.

2.     No Sweeping on the Lunar New Year's Day

It was forbidden to sweep or throw rubbish on the first day of Chinese New Year in the past as it would cast away all the good luck and fortune. However, people now are more concerned about keeping the house clean every time they have a new guest, so there goes this tradition too.

3.     Staying Indoors on the Third Day of the New Year

It is believed that on the third day of Chinese New Year, people who go out of the house would end up in a squabble or quarrel with other people due to the day’s namesake; Chigou’s Day, which means the God of Rage’s Day. But seeing that nowadays, the celebration is more about getting together and meeting separated friends and relatives, this tradition has also been mostly abandoned.