Where To Eat, Ah?

Thinking Of Where To Eat? These ‘Foodstagram’ Can Help You!

By Hana Maher

Source:    Tastydigs

Source: Tastydigs

We Malaysians love our food, but sometimes our minds draw a blank when we ask ourselves, or anyone, “Where to eat?”. But luckily, we no longer need to scratch our heads to answer that question as these ‘foodstagram’ accounts have graciously showered Malaysians and tourists alike with suggestions that will leave us salivating and stomach rumbling.

1. Malaysian Cafes (@malaysiancafes)

Source:    Malaysian Cafes

Café hoppers will certainly appreciate @malaysiancafes as the curators behind this aesthetically-pleasing account travel around Malaysia to feature some of the best local cafés. An amalgam of Sunday brunch treats and sweet desserts, Malaysian Cafes’ mouthwatering images will have you anticipating for a weekend fueled by Insta-worthy cafés that serve delicious food paired with a good cuppa.

2. Malaysian Food Orgasm (@malayfoodlicious)

If you’re looking for a heartier meal suggestion, then @malayfoodlicious should be on your following list. From Dragon Cheese Burger in Port Dickson, Nasi Dagang in Shah Alam, to Mee Udang Special in Tanjung Karang, this foodie travels around the country to photograph and review some of the best foods in Malaysia – simultaneously highlighting what each state has to offer, food-wise at least.

3. Tasty Digs KL (@tastydigs)

Source:    Tastydigs

Source: Tastydigs

@tastydigs might be new to the scene, but the passionate foodie behind the account is rapidly gaining followers, most of whom have been giving nothing but thumbs up to the restaurants and cafes featured on the account. Tasty Digs shares with followers some of the best eateries and restaurants that Kuala Lumpur has to offer, such as Kenny Hills Bistro, Restaurant Nasi Kapau and Crust.

4. Ken Hunts Food (@kenhuntsfood)

Source:    Kenhuntsfood

Source: Kenhuntsfood

Malaysia might be known as a culinary Mecca, but Penang is undoubtedly the crème de la crème and @kenhuntsfood aptly captures why Penang is easily the state for foodies. The Penang food blogger highlights some of the best dishes the state has to offer, consisting of a generous serving of Lamb Stew with Garlic Bread, a warm bowl of Mee Salong and even a tall glass of the best bubble tea in the state. Surely, Ken will have you planning your next trip to Penang around his food suggestions.

So, what are you waiting for? Your next food adventure could literally be a fingertip away… Just be sure not to scroll through their feed in the middle of the night or when you’re starving. You have been warned!

Source:    Tastydigs

Source: Tastydigs

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