#BondWithNature By Free Tree Society

How One NGO Is Encouraging Malaysians To #BondWithNature For A Greener Planet

By Hana Maher

If going green and adopting a more eco-conscious and sustainable mindset is ever your goal, then allow Free Tree Society (FTS) to be of assistance! The Kuala Lumpur-based society is an environmental organisation that gives away plants to the masses – for FREE – after the noble men and women behind the organisation diligently plant the seeds, sprout them and finally, nurture the seedlings.

By giving away healthy little plants to the public, FTS is gunning to encourage more green goals and objectives amongst Malaysians, while simultaneously encouraging a love for plants and gardening. In doing so, FTS believes that the environmental awareness amongst our fellow countrymen will greatly improve. This will then help increase greenery as well as keep the public informed of the latest and on-going climate change and environmental issues.

Source:    Pexels

Source: Pexels

But that’s not all that FTS is advocating for. The society also emphasises on ensuring their activities are sustainable by using natural fertilisers and pest repellents; using harvested rainwater to water their nursery; and they’re equipped with onsite composting and vermi-composting. It goes without saying that their activities are also an impeccable way of teaching the public sustainable practices.

In fact, as of December 2018, FTS has given away over 30,000 free trees to homeowners, schools, marginalised groups, community gardens and wildlife habitats as well as corporate partners – which you can view here. With more and more Malaysians becoming eco-warriors, you too can be an eco-warrior and get #FreeTrees from FTS! How? Well, all you need to do is either participate in a free tree giveaway day; volunteer with the society; book a corporate event with them; or work on a community project.

Source:    Pexels

Source: Pexels

You are also given the option to ‘volunteer’ from home as the society had prepared an array of ways for Malaysians to contribute to FTS’s nursery operations. And speaking of nursery, you can even hop on down to their nursery in Bangsar to have a glimpse of their noble initiative… But try to opt for public transportation; parking can be troublesome and it’s the greener and more sustainable option after all!

Save our earth! Be a part of #BondWithNature now!


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