Mind Before Body

Mechatronics Engineer Meets Modelling

Guest Written by Jeyna Grace

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Have you met one of Malaysia’s hottest hunks?

Since his primary school days, Krane Chan wanted to be the guy with the good body. But growing up, he often thought he was nerdy and unattractive—believing that his genetics didn’t make it possible for him to attain a good physique. It was only in 2016, when he took second place for Optimum Nutrition’s Show of True Strength, did he start to think that perhaps he could improve his image. So with the money he had won, together with his own personal savings, Krane enrolled in a grooming and modelling class at Amber Chia Academy.

Despite having Amber Chia herself as his mentor, Krane’s objective was simply to better his outlook as a personal challenge of self-improvement. He did not once think he was capable of modelling as he still felt that his height and appearance wasn’t model-worthy. He didn’t think he was capable of achieving a good physique and even laughed it off when Kit Mah, Optimum Nutrition ambassador and Fitness Figure, told him to give fitness modelling a shot. But with the encouragement of his colleague, Krane attempted to be lean at least once in his life.

With a new challenge set for himself, Krane took his fitness journey up a notch with proper training and nutrition. And in one occasion, when he was forbidden to train due to a gym injury, Krane realised how important nutrition was. He learned that he could still remain fit and healthy without lifting a single weight. And despite the years he’d spent at the gym, since he started in 2008, he learned something new—proving that fitness is a lifelong journey of learning, challenging, and persevering.

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“My curiosity, consistency, determination, and hard work proved me wrong—I could achieve a good body despite what I thought about my genetics. And with a newfound confidence, I began joining various competitions to see how the modelling industry worked, helping me to make many connections along the way.”

Today, Krane is the finalist of Malaysia’s Manhunt 2017, Bachelor 2017, and Hottest Hunks 2018. He has done a commercial for Watson’s Syokman Rexona and has been featured in Famehitz. Who knew that a single moment, where Krane decided to challenge his preconceived image of himself and his body, could bring him this far? Certainly not him.

Though he has yet to win a pageant competition, Krane does not believe that winning or losing defines who he is. He might not be as tall as his competitors or have the best body amongst his fellow finalists, but Krane knows that it would be a waste if he gave up because of a single shortcoming.

“Life is too short,” he said. “Try and experience everything so long as it doesn’t bring harm to you, your surroundings, or violate ethics. We are not bound by what people perceive life is supposed to be—there is so much more than just doing what you know and staying within the norm.”

Krane is currently completing his Masters in Business Administration, specializing in Finance at University of Malaya, while holding a full-time job as a mechatronics engineer. Juggling his work, studies, training, and talent jobs is one of his biggest challenges, but Krane chooses not to give up on his passions in life. In every aspect, Krane chooses not to underestimate his abilities—pushing his limitations to see the world from a new and different perspective.

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Source:    Jason Oung

Source: Jason Oung


The author, Jeyna Grace, worked in the publishing industry for over four years, where she engaged with brands such as Disney and Mattel on licensed projects in Malaysia and Singapore. Her two fantasy novels, ‘The Battle for Oz’ and ‘The Slave Prince’, were published by Inkshares in 2015 and 2018 respectively. She also won the Geek & Sundry Fantasy contest in 2016 and was nominated as a CLEO HotShot in 2018.

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