What Is The Meaning Behind A Lion Dance Anyway?

Source:    Vecteezy

Source: Vecteezy

Bet you’ve been seeing a lot of Lion Dance performances lately, haven’t you? But did you really know what Lion Dance is all about besides being used for celebrations and such? Here’s a beginner’s guide to Chinese Lion Dance:

Lion Dance is a form of dance to rid away evil spirits and bring good luck to the audience. It is also a way for kung fu schools to showcase their students’ abilities. There are a lot of legends on its origin and how it started. One of them is about a monster which used to attack a village once a year until a monk came and tamed it by tying a red ribbon around its horn. The most standard lion dance performance involves a lion stalking a lettuce or Chinese cabbage, eating it and spitting it out onto the audience. It is believed that by having the lion spit on you, it brings good luck! So don’t be afraid to pet the lion’s head when it comes towards you to play. There’s no harm in getting more good luck! :D