Mad Love By Farah Salleh

A Homegrown Fashion Designer

Source:    AK47™

Source: AK47™

Indeed, there is no shortage of talent in our beloved country, Malaysia. Farah Salleh is a Malaysian fashion designer who has made a name for herself in the fashion industry by combining modern design with traditional fabric. She mixes fabric like Tenun and denim with stripes, often with hand-woven designs, creating a very unique and recognisable look. When asked about her inspiration, she shared that it is definitely the chic and bold women living in the city. She is drawn by the combination of a strong outward look and a soft feminine feel on the inside.

Source:    Farah Salleh

Source: Farah Salleh

Farah stays up-to-date with the fashion world through a good amount of traveling. She will always bring her sketchbook around, ready to capture any ideas that might pop up. In fact, one dress in her ‘No 8 Do’ collection is inspired by a building in Spain: the Metropol Parasol. The thing we love most about her design is that, they give a familiar traditional feel but still look current and modern enough to be trendy.

Source:    AK47™

Source: AK47™

Her latest collection is called ‘Mad Love’ and we highly recommend that you check it out. It is inspired by girls who are fabulous and fearless with mad love for fashion. An additional insider news from us: Farah is working to launch a website with an online store where you can purchase all of her wonderful designs! Oh and did we mention, she might be going global!


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