Mubi Launches in Malaysia

Film buffs rejoice! The premium streaming service for independent and classic films has launched in Malaysia. Unlike Netflix and other streaming services currently available, Mubi adds a handpicked film a day to their library and each is only available for 30 days.

For RM15 a month (or RM10/month for an annual plan), streamers will gain access to a small but highly curated selection of festival darlings, auteur works and timeless classics from worldwide cinema. We finally have access to films that we wouldn’t have been able to watch in Malaysia. With access to the vast libraries of major labels like Sony Pictures, NBCUniversal and Paramount as well as independent distributors like Studiocanal, Pathe and eOne, Mubi’s curated selection will expose you to the wider world of cinema and expand your horizons by allowing you to discover the works of auteurs you would never have heard of.

Aside from the selections in the West, Mubi currently has two other channels catering for films from the Nusantara region (Sinema) and one for Bengali or Hindi movies (Dekho!). Mubi has also announced that they plan to include channels for films from Korea and the Chinese-speaking countries, and a channel for Tamil and Telugu films in the future.

Sign up for Mubi now and be entitled to a 7-day free trial!

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