Netflix ‘YOU’ Is Creepier Than It Sounds

What is all the commotion about the new Netflix thriller series, ‘YOU’? Well, apart from the devilishly handsome main character, Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley), droves of people are jumping on the debate train about what defines a creepy stalker. While the earlier part of the first episode felt harmless with Joe going through his crush’s social media profiles, it gets creepier by the minute. But to what extend does stalking people online become creepy? We all know we’ve done it sometimes – stalking exes, your best friends or the guy or girl you saw at a party last night. Was it okay for us to do it or would you call it creepy? You would probably say that it depends on our intentions. But if you haven’t seen YOU, to Joe, his actions are all within his so-called “pure” intentions. You’d have to watch it on Netflix to find out what we mean by that. Good luck and be safe!