Cheap Plastic Replacements For Your Kitchen

There’s no denying that plastic is durable, versatile, flexible, long-lasting, and cheap. While plastic has dominated our lives for eons, conservationists and activists alike have advocated a #NoPlastic lifestyle that has gradually taken a hold on our fellow countrymen. And in the spirit of encouraging a greener lifestyle, here’s a list of cheap plastic replacements that you can use in your kitchen:

  1. Instead of using individual plastic bags to purchase your produce, try using a washable mesh produce bag;

  2. Need to cover your food bowls? Opt for reusable food wraps;

  3. Use steel or glass containers to store your pantry staples, rather than purchasing them in individual containers;

  4. If you’re too lazy to wash your cutleries, consider using disposable wooden cutleries instead of the ones made from plastics;

  5. Need to store leftovers? Use glass food containers;

  6. You might also want to use biodegrable plastic bags instead of a regular plastic bag;

  7. And of course, stock up on reusable grocery bags to ensure you wont have any excuse to use plastic bags during your next trip to the grocer.

Now that we’ve shared these hacks with you, let us know how it works for you! And as always, do share with us if you have more hacks!

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