The Full Price Guide For Bubble Milk Tea

The boba craze has not died down in Malaysia. In fact, we probably can’t get through a day without seeing at least one of our friends posting this highly addictive drink on their Instagram feed or story — some even consume these little squishy drinks on a daily basis! And let’s be honest, bobas are not the cheapest drinks around. So, we have decided to compare the prices of Brown Sugar Boba Milk OR Milk Tea with Pearl across all the bubble tea brands that are available in Malaysia, to help you find the best boba that fits your budget! Here we go!

The Pocket Friendly Range: for those with serious boba cravings

1.      CoolBlog - RM3.00

2.      Each A Cup - RM5.90

3.      Chatime - RM6.50

4.      Cojiitii - RM6.50

5.      Tealive - RM6.50

6.      Family Mart - RM6.90

The Affordable Range: for those who can splurge sikit

1.      Gong Cha - RM7.50

2.      Soy Lab - RM8.00

3.      Koi The - RM8.00

4.      Tea Amg - RM8.90

5.      The Alley - RM8.90

6.      Chatto - RM8.90

The Luxury Range: for those who can totally splurge because it’s payday

1.      Royal Tea - RM10.90

2.      Chizu - RM11.00

3.      Xing Fu Tang - RM11.50

4.      Tiger Sugar - RM12.90

5.      Da Boba - RM12.90

6.      Moomin Bubbles - RM15.00

Ok, there you have it. A guide to boba prices that fits your budget at anytime of the month. Enjoy!

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