Save $$$ This Family Reunion Dinner With These Effective Tips!

Source:    Lovepik

Source: Lovepik

1.     Reunion Dinner

We all want to cook up a storm during reunion dinners, but did you know that by simply having hotpot, we can save not only money (from having to dine outside) but also time! Plus, it’s super convenient and you get to spend time talking with your relatives and friends while waiting for the food to cook.

2.     Yu-Sheng

Yu-Sheng, the most coveted dish during CNY is a must have! However, it is so costly these days yet we crave eating it for all of the fifteen days of CNY. So, it might be a better idea to prepare your own yu-sheng. You can easily find grated vegetables for yu-sheng preparation, which comes at a cheaper price than buying from restaurants. Or, you can grate them yourself! You can find a recipe here. Let’s try it this CNY and save save save!