Spider-Man: Far From Home

Swinging closer to home and ON a new stage

By Casey Lee

Source:    Marvel

Source: Marvel

As the final piece of Phase 3 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Far From Home may seem like it has the job of tying up loose ends after Endgame and raising new stakes for the next phase of the MCU. While Far From Home dutifully serves those functions, returning director Jon Watts and screenwriters Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers do not get distracted from focusing on the Peter Parker and Spider-Man story, set in a wider world of post-Avenger and post-Snap (or 'Blip' as the opening scene calls it), to make a worthy companion piece, not just for Endgame but also Homecoming.

Source:    CTMG

Source: CTMG

As things are back to normal after Endgame for Spider-Man to make appearances at charity drives, Peter Parker, the high school teen, is becoming more excited about his science tour across Europe (and planning major moves on Mary Jane), rather than living the persona of Spider-Man, the Avenger. Not answering calls from Nick Fury himself, Parker just wants to be the boy who enjoys a vacation with his friends, and not be pulled into world saving duties that Fury most likely has installed for him. Until a water elemental wreaks havoc on Peter's Venetian stop in Europe, Parker is forcefully drawn back to his Avenger duties, as he is briefed about the new wave of world-destroying threats that can't be stopped by the surviving Avengers who are away on their own duties. But instead of having to face his responsibilities alone, he is introduced to Quentin Beck, dubbed Mysterio, a flying, fish-bowl wearing superhero who claims to be from a different dimension that has been ruined by the new elemental forces they are battling against.

Source:    CTMG

Source: CTMG

Between struggling with and juggling his identities throughout his continental road trip, and having to live with the legacy that Tony Stark has left behind for him, Tom Holland shows no signs of being weathered as the eager action star at the cusp of his Marvel career, together with Jacob Batalon and Zedaya. Jake Gyllenhaal effortlessly pulls a performance as Mysterio to become one of the more compelling characters in the Marcel Cinematic Universe.

Source:    CTMG

Source: CTMG

While Far From Home does not have the most impressive action sequences; incomparable with the battle royale in Endgame, it still has one of the more consistently written character arcs of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Also, the post credit scenes provide ample rocket fuel for new plot threads to take off!


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