Spritzer's Eco Art Competition

Source:    Spritzer

Source: Spritzer

We may not recognise the plastic products in our surroundings, such as the takeaway boxes, shopping bags and especially - the bottle. It is easy for us to grab a bottle of drink and finish it in just a few minutes, but did you know a bottle takes 450 years to decompose? According to a consumer market research company - Euromonitor International, people around the globe buy one million plastic bottles a minute. This is shocking right?

So how do we contribute to creating a greener future? Well, this is not your regular advice. Presenting to you, the Spritzer’s Eco Art Competition! Spritzer is now inviting college and university students around Malaysia to turn Spritzer plastic bottles into unique and functional art pieces. To enter the competition, you can be an individual or in a group of five from any college or university in Malaysia. The competition is open until 30th June 2019!

The winners will be judged by public voting through Spritzer’s Facebook page and also by a panel of judges comprising of Spritzer’s representatives and artists. If you would like your university or college to win, remember to cast your vote! The voting period starts 1st July 2019 to 15th July 2019.

The grand prize winner will receive RM5,000 in cash, along with certificates and an internship opportunity with Spritzer. The second prize winner will receive RM3,000 in cash and certificates and the third prize winner will receive RM1,500 in cash and certificates. Special award prizes will also be given out such as the award for Judges Favourite, with a prize of RM1,000 in cash and certificates and Public Favourite, with cash prize of RM 1,000 and certificates.

The university or college which received the most votes for its students’ creations will be given a RM30,000 fund which will go towards the university’s or college’s development. While the top 30 highest votes for a university or college will win a token of appreciation of a Spritzer Eco Art Challenge trophy worth RM100.

Create your masterpiece now! For more details, please check out Spritzer’s Facebook page!