An Unexpected Gem: Swiss Garden Sino Scene

A Chef With A Passion. A Restaurant With A Story.


Nowadays, we get plenty of food reviews of cafes or restaurants around town. Most people have forgotten that there are still great hotel restaurants, serving food that creates memorable experiences for us. In that regard, we stumbled upon Swiss Garden and were delighted to find that it is one of those hidden gems. What’s more, we were privileged to be able to pick the brain of the head chef of Sino Scene, Swiss Garden’s Chinese restaurant. It is not very often that we get to hear the story and thought behind the dishes we enjoy!


With 34 years of experience under his belt, Head Chef Kua Beng Hooi cooks with burning passion every day. His goal is just to get simple acknowledgements from his customers after they eat the food he prepares. Seeing the chef’s popularity among many frequent customers, we would definitely think that he has achieved that goal. The thing about him that we love the most is his continual conversations with the customers. He realises through his constant solicitation of feedback that customers are now looking for healthier and more affordable foods. We can be sure that he will consider those concerns when crafting his upcoming menu. While we were there, we got to try some amazing dishes too.

Work wholeheartedly, learn wholeheartedly, create wholeheartedly.
— Chef Kua Beng Hooi, 2018

Stew Dried Oyster, Sea Moss, Fish Maw and Sea Cucumber with Cabbage Oyster Rolls
Despite how it looks, this dish is very popular especially during Chinese New Year since it is a staple Chinese dish. Not only is it generously covered in rich and flavourful sauce, all the seafoods in it are carefully selected and freshly served. This dish is a definite must have! Get ready to be flooded with the feeling of home when you taste this signature dish at Sino Scene.


Steamed Fresh River Prawn “Hua Tiew” Wine And Egg White
If you love fresh seafood, this dish will not disappoint. You know that the river prawns are fresh when they look plump and every bite is soft and juicy. The wine enriches the taste and brings out the flavour while the egg white adds more texture to the dish. Overall, a well thought-out and perfectly prepared dish. This one sure goes up very high in our list of all-time favourite seafood dish!


Salted Egg Yolk Deep Fried Mushrooms
Salted egg yolk dishes have been such a household favourite nowadays. From potato chips to fried chicken, nothing escapes the touch of salted egg yolk. Because it is so widespread, the quality of the food prepared with salted egg yolk can vary tremendously. Fortunately for us, the deep fried mushrooms served here are absolutely perfect! The crunchy and tasty mushrooms combined with the right amount of salted egg yolk makes it a very formidable competition to whatever that is currently out there.


Deep Fried Golden Liu Sha Sesame Balls & Bread Crumbs with Glutinous Rice
Another crowd favourite is egg custard and Chef Kua sure raised the bar with his homemade recipe. The custard is adequately runny and savoury, making it a great combination with the slightly chewy sesame balls. We assure you, you will not regret trying this one. If you prefer something more traditional or sweet, you can try the bread crumbs with sticky rice cake filling. It has the right amount of sweetness plus a great texture combination: crunchy bread crumbs and soft, sticky glutinous rice filling.

There wasn’t a dish that was mediocre. Each and every one was made with much care and thought. That is what we love about the Sino Scene. Every dish carries with it an experience that we can’t help but share.


Onde-Onde Cake
Of course, not everything is traditional at Swiss Garden. You can head to Green Treats at the lobby of the hotel to have the famous Onde-Onde cake. Chef Azuan, the pastry chef there, is a chef who just loves to serve new flavours. You can always expect a different flavour every month. Some of the flavours are red velvet, cheese and chocolate.

The food at Swiss Garden are actually affordably priced. So if you are looking for a new place to have that family dinner you have been planning, we highly recommend visiting Swiss Garden.

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