The Kampung Boy

Balik Kampung!

Source: Lat and The Arts House

Source: Lat and The Arts House

If you are a Malaysian, chances are you would know the Malaysian cartoonist, Lat or at least seen some of his work. It is from his series of graphic novels that sparked the creation of an animated television series called ‘The Kampung Boy’ which literally translates to ‘The Village Boy’.

Source:    Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Since its initial release on satellite television network, Astro in 1999, the show has been a critical success and even won an Annecy Award for one of its episodes. Due to its popularity, it was distributed to numerous other countries including Canada and Germany. Also, it has seen multiple reruns on Astro throughout the years.

Source:    Ilham Gallery

The adaptation tells a story much similar to Lat’s childhood days growing up as a kampung boy. It wrestles with the issue of modernisation and the flood of new values and cultures that come with it by promoting village life as an environment that provides healthy development to a child.

Soruce:    Macmillan

Soruce: Macmillan

The TV series is available on reruns but you
can get the graphic novel now!


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