The Mueller Report

How A Powerful And Greedy Actor Robbed Uninformed Electorate Of Democracy

By Hana Maher

Source:    MPH

Source: MPH

Right of the bat, The Mueller Report is not an easy and somewhat dry – yet obligatory – read. Nevertheless, this thorough analysis paired with the compiled redacted documents are vital in understanding the current political landscape of the United States. While the alarming findings that are presented in the report neither exonerates nor confirms collusion or obstruction of justice, it confirmed that two different Russian agencies interfered in the 2016 election; and a handful of Trump’s staff engaged in illegal activities during and after the campaign, which subsequently led to the current President attempting to prevent his former associates from turning their backs on him.

Source:    Randy Colas    via    Unsplash

Source: Randy Colas via Unsplash

In volume 1 of the report, the authors highlighted evidences that Russia indeed meddled in the 2016 presidential election as Russia noticed how Trump’s presidency can benefit their country. And although the investigation (thus far) showed no Americans getting into bed with the Russians for this treacherous act, the book pointed out that the United State’s indictments of Russian nationals and organisations will have little to zero impact in correcting the wrongs that surfaced from the election interference.

Meanwhile, volume 2 of the report listed out 10 specific incidences that spotlighted how Trump – the man who sits in the Oval office of a powerful country – was in cahoots with Russia and underlined how Trump could potentially be guilty with obstruction of justice. It gets worse as the chapters depicted how Trump forcefully demanded his subordinates and staffs to lie for him. However, Mueller explained that although a president can be impeached for presidential misconduct, the special counsel, unfortunately, cannot have the president prosecuted.

In a nutshell, The Mueller Report is a thorough, impartial and clear-cut work that is worthy of being called a report. With a book that is showered with legalese and riddled with organisational depreciation, it’s safe to say that while this book isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, those who have an interest in American politics will definitely appreciate it.

Source:    StockSnap    via    Pixabay

Source: StockSnap via Pixabay

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