Truly Malaysian Tunes

Hip Tunes for The Malaysian Ear

A tribute to a true Malaysian talent, Joe Flizzow, these are three of his songs we highly recommend. A bit of warning though, you might not be able to get these hip-hop rap tunes out of your head once you’ve heard them! #truestory

1. Apa Khabar

Let’s start off with the most melodious and soothing of the three. Be sure to pay attention to the lyrics here as Joe Flizzow reminisces about a time before he garnered popularity as an artiste. The combination of his catchy tune and story-driven lyrics have made it a fan favourite.

2. Havoc feat. Altimet and Sonaone

Great rap music has always been predominantly in English but that sure did not stop Joe Flizzow from making a name for himself by producing a Malay rap song. It’s hip, it’s trendy and it’s written in our national language. He sure made us proud!

3. Sampai Jadi

The perfect blend of meaningful lyrics, progressive tune and a very interesting music video, this song probably represents the best of Joe Flizzow. This is one humbling piece as it talks about the fortunate being ignorant about the world. Props to Joe Flizzow for trying to make a social impact.


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