The UNO Rules That Riled The Internet

Source:    Novita

Source: Novita

The UNO card game has been around since the 70’s and became a Mattel product in 1992. The creator of UNO, Merle Robbins, started the game during an argument with his son about the rules of another popular card game, Crazy Eights. Robbins then created a new rule and named the game “UNO” in order to resolve the argument. The card game began to spread among his friends and families, and soon, worldwide. However, recently there was a surprising news regarding its rules which everyone thought was no-nos! Here are some of the rules that you might have misunderstood all this time!

1.     Stacking PLUS (+2 or +4) cards are not allowed
Not even if you have another +4 in your hands after the person before you have played the +4 cards. Same goes with the +2 cards, stacking is not allowed in UNO!

2.     Only one card per turn
The rule that many of us has broken. Yes, you are not allowed to discard the same number cards from your hands all at one turn. Remember, only one card on every turn is allowed!

3.     You can end the game with an Action Card
Wait, what? Yup! There was no such rule as your last card cannot be an Action Card to begin with. So, make good use of this newly discovered rule on your next game with your friends or family!