Vegetarianism Vs Veganism

Diet Vs Lifestyle

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Source: Shutterstock

As the abstinence from meat consumption is becoming more common, it is vital that everyone is educated on the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan. Besides, we do not wish to offend our vegetarian friends right? Or should we say vegan?

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Although the two are largely similar, vegetarianism is often seen as a form of diet. Some vegetarians restrict their consumption of meat to only fish and seafood while others also consume animal products like eggs and dairy.

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Veganism however, is seen as a philosophy and lifestyle. Besides just abstaining from meat, they take it a step further by ruling out animal products such as dairy and eggs. On extreme cases, some vegans even rule out any products that is produced through the harming of animals, for example; makeup produced from animal testing and clothes made from animal fur.

With that, we hope now everyone can confidently (and accurately) address our vegetarian or vegan friends.

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