Best Wellness Tips For Chinese New Year

Inviting Positivity - With Help From Dato’ Joey Yap

What better time to celebrate health and happiness as well as usher in prosperity than Chinese New Year (CNY)? With CNY just around the corner, we have been looking for ways to welcome positive vibes into our homes. Fortunately for us, Nippon Paint Malaysia Group and Dato’ Joey Yap had collaborated to release a series of six videos aimed at inspiring homeowners to take charge of the wellness of their homes with easy-to-follow feng shui ideas and inspirations. Of course, we know that some might not be convinced by the art of Chinese metaphysics but there is really still something we all can learn from Dato’ Joey Yap as he inspire homeowners to fill their homes with positivity.

Dato’ Joey was listed by The Malaysian Tatler as the Top 300 Most Influential People in Malaysia and Prestige’s Top 40 Under 40 back in 2008. He has written about 172 books, many of which have gone to be best-sellers, earning him ‘The Merit Award’ from the ASEAN Book Publishers Association. He is also the proud founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and Chief Consultant of the Joey Yap Consulting Group (JYCG). JYCG works with Fortune 500 companies and A-list clientele spanning numerous industries and operates all around the world. Now that is no small feat.

Currently, all six videos have already been released! They are entitled, “The God of Wealth”, “2019 Success Awaits You”, “The Relationships that Prosper”, “Your Health is Important”, “The Nobleman Luck” and “Activating the Good Feng Shui in You”. All of which can be found here.

So if you are looking to draw positive energy and improve your home, be sure to check them out! They are quick and to the point! Also, if you are looking to give your place that new paint job you have been putting off, check out Nippon Paint as they are undeniably Malaysia’s no. 1 total coating solutions provider!

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