When I Was A Kid 5

Boey Returns With His Fifth Graphic Novel… And It’s The Best One Yet!

By Hana Maher

Source:    MPH

Source: MPH

Listening to stories told by our parents during their younger and earlier days can be perceived as a rite of passage for every child. But while most of us would deem the stories mundane, Cheeming Boey’s fifth graphic novel in his “When I Was A Kid” series has proven otherwise. His latest graphic novel is a collection of stories and childhood musings from his parents, which eloquently illustrated that family stories are adorable and sometimes quirky.

Dedicating his latest work to his mother, “Ah Pui” or “Little Fatty,” and to his father, “Gor Ko” (which means fifth out of eight boys in Hokkien), each chapter tells a tale of varying subjects from the father’s or the mother’s childhood memories. And these memories will undoubtedly warm your hearts, especially when Boey shares how his parents met and fell in love – which the Singaporean author-cum-artist only learnt upon writing this book!

Source:    Cilisos

Source: Cilisos

What’s interesting is that the 41-year-old’s intention to share tales from his parents’ childhood is to cause you to recall the stories shared by your own parents – and even grandparents – from when they were a wee lass and lassie. In doing so, you cannot help but compare the histories between them.

When I Was A Kid 5 is a straight-to-the-point, simple yet interesting book that will leave you with a sense of appreciation for “old tales” as well as nostalgia. It also enables you to have a glimpse to what was life like back then, and inherently make you realise how far the Asian community has come and grown. This book, undoubtedly, will make an excellent quick and light read and can even be read as a bedtime story to your children.

When I Was A Kid 5 was published by Grey Pigeon Sdn Bhd and can be purchased at your nearest MPH Bookstores outlet for RM36.90 or via MPH online here.

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